Nritta School of Dance


  Rgyajussamavedebhyo Vedaccatharwanah Kramat ||

Paathyam Caabhinayam Gitam Rasan Samcrhya Padmajah ||

Vyariracat Saastramidam Dharma Kamaartha Mokshadam ||

      "Brahma extracted Paathyam from Rigveda, abhinayas from Yajurveda, Gaanam from

      Saamaveda and Rasas from Atharvaveda and composed this Saashtra, which bestows

     Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moskha, the four principal objects of human existence".

- Natya Shastra



    Bharatanatyam is one of the ancient art form of Classical Indian Dance of India. This dance form originates as a form of prayer and dates back thousands of years.  Bharatanatyam was originally performed in the temples of South India as an offering to the Gods.There are two main aspects of Bharatanatyam: Nritta and Nrittya.  Nritta is precise rhythmic movement, while Nrittya is interpretive dance with striking facial expression and mime. Today, Bharatanatyam is a popular dance form that continues to enchant and mesmerize all who experience it. 

 Anushya Rajendra founded Nritta School of dance in 1995 to provide intense training in Bharatanatyam.  The school conducts classess in the Sacramento area.  Several solo and group thematic productions have been choreographed and presented by Anushya Rajendra.  Students of the School have performed in numerous events and have charmed the audiences all over northern California.


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